The amount of files that are shared takes a lot of storage and this can slow down the computer. A tool was enabled to delete photos, videos and documents very simply. How does it work

WhatsApp is one of the most used applications. And also of those that occupy more space. Not only for the app itself, but for the files that are shared along this route and that take much of the storage capacity of the computer.

With this in mind, the application launched a beta for Android that allows you to delete the photos, videos and documents that come that way more easily. It is a configuration option to free space very simply.

To use this tool you must enter the three points listed at the top of the application. Once there, you go to Settings and then to Data usage and Storage .

Within this menu you must enter Storage and you will see a list with all the chats, as well as a detail of the volume of data shared by that way.

You must select the conversation in which you want to free up space, and then press Manage Storage.

Once done the user will be asked to delete the selected files.

This optimization undoubtedly facilitates the content management process shared by WhatsApp.

Anyway, it is also possible to eliminate all the downloads that are made to the cell, either from this messaging service or otherwise, entering the general configuration of the mobile.

There you must select Storage Space / Downloads. The path may vary depending on the operating system version you are using. Once there you can remove the files that have been downloaded to the mobile.