Mewtwo has reached Pokémon GO, many players have brought attention to catch this great Pokémon. What complicates, is that when fighting with Mewtwo will have many advantages, since it is not a common creature, so you have to know which is the best Pokémon to be able to overcome it more easily. If you are interested in knowing how to defeat Mewtwo with the most capable creature, this is the place to learn, we will teach you everything you need.

What is the best Pokémon to fight Mewtwo?

It is important to know the Pokémon, what are the best attacks they have, combat points and health points. With this, we will know which is the best to fight against Mewtwo.

The best Pokémon for this battle is the strong type of bug, sinister or ghost type, but it is not necessary to be trusted, just as it will have to give a great fight to be able to overcome it. You have to consider, choose the creatures that have more lives since the attacks of Mewtwo are very powerful. The most recommended are:

  • Lugia.
  • Tyranitar.
  • Houndoom.
  • Snowlax.
  • Scizor.

These are the most recommended to combat Mewtwo, so you have to consider them very well, only not to be the most recommended, it will be easy to defeat him. Of course, it could make a difference with other creatures, but just as it will have to give you everything when fighting it.

Knowing this, we will have more chances to defeat Mewtwo in the Exclusive Pokémon GO Incursions, in order to obtain it, capturing it once and for all. Keep in mind, that choosing the healthiest creatures would be the best option. In this way, we will be able to resist more to the blows of the great Mewtwo Pokémon.