Wallets to store Bitcoins

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There are many wallets (Wallets as it is known in the world of cryptocurrencies) to save your bitcoins. In this post we will tell you which are the most reliable and safe.

1- Blockchain

The Blockchain wallet is one of the most used in the world, for its simplicity, security and power. It has a desktop version, in addition to the mobile version. If I had a debit card like Xapo, it would be perfect.

Wallets to store Bitcoins

2- Xapo

Xapo is one of the most reliable wallets to store your Bitcoins. Another great advantage is that it has a debit card so you can make purchases and withdraw money at ATMs.

Wallets to store Bitcoins

3-  Bittrex

Bittrex allows you to store Bitcoins and other dozens of Cryptocurrencies. The main advantage of this Wallet is that it allows you to trade from the same Web page.

If you plan to diversify beyond Bitcoin, it is an excellent wallet to consider.

Wallets to store Bitcoins

4-  CoinPayments

CoinPayments is another wallet that, apart from Bitcoin, lets you store other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum, Ripple, Dogecoin, etc. The Wallet is very easy to use and is also in Spanish.

Wallets to store Bitcoins

5-  Coinbase

Coinbase is another Wallet recommended to store Bitcoins, for its simplicity and power. In addition, it allows you to store Ethereum and Litecoin.

Another advantage is that you can buy Bitcoins from most Latin American countries with a credit card.

If you invite a friend who buys at least US $ 100 in any of the cryptocurrencies they give you $ 10 in Bitcoins to you and your friend.


Wallets to store Bitcoins

6-  Copay

Copay is another of the safest alternatives to save your Bitcoins. In addition, you can have your account in multiple currencies (dollar, euro, pounds, pesos and more), as well as import paper wallets. Its mobile version is more than complete.

Wallets to store Bitcoins

Another alternative to save your bitcoins, by the way the safest of all, are paper wallets . They remain outside the Internet, and are always under your control.

We will add more Wallets periodically so that you have more options when saving your Bitcoins.

If you are using another wallet, you can tell us your experience. 🙂