He was born with rare congenital disease that did not allow him to develop his lower limbs, however this did not prevent him from carrying the lifestyle he always wanted

And when the show ends, the daredevil character disappears and reveals himself to the real Wollin, a man with a normal life in which he does what he wants and when he wants, and having a half body does not stop him from depriving himself of the things he likes .


Aaron Wollin was born with a strange congenital condition called  sacral agenesis that affects the lower part of the spine and does not allow development of the lower extremities.

For 20 years he has been in the entertainment world and for five years he is part of the cast of a circus with which he travels throughout the United States . “I live a rockstar life that many people can only dream of,” he says.

Wollin had an adolescence, as he describes it, a bit harsh. However, his parents raised him to face the world without complexes or limitations . Her mother was a great support and inspiration in his life, reports National Geographic .

” Wollin is a great example of not sitting at home and feeling sorry for himself and instead getting ahead like anybody should, ” says Brian Lehmann, a graphic reporter who documented his life for National Geographic .

Wollin, besides circus artists, is a casanova . Once when a show ended a woman gave him a dozen roses. And with his musician friends, with whom he goes on tour, he always achieves some conquest. However, they sometimes discriminate against you because of your disability.

” Yes, I get unwanted behaviors, but those people are just ignorant or assume something of me that is wrong, ” he says. He also tells that there are people who approach him on the street and give him money believing that he is a cripple who asks for alms or meets with reckless people who, without knowing him, ask him personal questions.

Wollin will soon be 40, and despite the years have left sequelae in his ligaments and muscles -Wollin uses his hands to walk-, he says, half jokingly, that the day he quit his lifestyle will be when he falls dead on stage.