After a while, the developers of Ark Survival Evolved, have decided to launch the game in physical, with an exclusive edition for all the fans fanatics of this great title **. This game, little by little has been improving with new things that have been added, such as new maps and creatures that fascinated many. If you are interested in knowing what is in this exclusive edition of Ark Survival Evolved, you are in the right place, because we will show you everything related to this.

Exclusive edition and reservation

Finally, it is the time that ARK Survival Evolved out on CD, GAME has taken a big step and has impressed us when placing items in the Limited Collector ‘s Edition in its stores for platforms PS4 and Xbox One. ARK Survival Evolved Limited Collector’s Edition, will bring us incredible things plus an album, and this edition contains everything we will see below:

  • It will bring us the leather explorer agenda, where we will see the information of all the creatures that exist in Ark Survival Evolved.
  • 3 expansion packs, we will see 2 worlds that will soon be added to the title and the scorched Earth. Notably, this package adds 300 hours of content, so it would be in total for 900 additional hours of gameplay.
  • Packing of wooden imitation collectible box.
  • Map of the island ARK.
  • ARK official necklace.
  • Poster of the development team.
  • Soundtrack.