Microsoft surprised us with the release of the latest Windows 10 update (Fall Creators Update) with the arrival of its Edge browser for Android. On the other hand, its best function is not exclusive.

If we have a device with Windows 10 for desktop, either computer or tablet, we can link our mobile phone. Thanks to it we can enjoy some functions like the one that we are going to tell you next. A trick to send pages to the computer without using Edge.

How to send pages to the computer without using Edge


The Microsoft Edge browser on Android and iOS has a button at the bottom that allows you to send the web page you are viewing to a Windows 10 device. This is very useful for example if we are on our way home in public transport reading something but we want to continue on the computer because we have reached our stop.

Although Edge on Android gives a very good result for both performance and usability, not everyone likes. Maybe you’re one of those who prefer to continue using other browsers such as Google Chrome or the new version of Firefox. In that case, you’ll be interested to know that you can send pages to your computer without using Edge.


It will not be necessary to use Edge because with only having installed the browser you will be able to send pages to the computer. You only have to search for the option to share in your browser and instead of selecting Whatsapp, Telegram, etc … you must select “Continue on PC”.

But if having an application occupied space and without using it worries you, you have another option. It turns out that this option is not only Microsoft’s browser but other applications of his as Microsoft Launcher. Also, Microsoft Apps, an application that collects the applications they have for Android and only takes 10 MB

A great option accessible to many more


In this way, it does not matter what browser you use on your mobile because you can use this function that is quite useful. You do not have to use a browser at all because you can share any link in this way.

Either a page that you have been left half of reading while you were going home or something you found on Twitter that you want to see on a larger screen. Now you can even if you do not use Edge. Microsoft Launcher carries the concept of continuing on the PC one step further allowing the same with images and Office documents.