Bixby is one of the cornerstones of Samsung’s handsets this year, but it does not look like it has just taken off. The wizard who did not want to be an assistant like the others, but a way of interacting with your mobile has not managed to arouse great enthusiasm among users.

Bixby arrived a little late, struggled to learn languages and even Samsung had to give in to the pressure and allow to disable its exclusive button, but Samsung does not give up. Almost certainly we will see Bixby in the A series and Samsung would be ready to present its second evolution in a few days, Bixby 2.0.

Developed with the help of third parties

The news comes from The Korea Herald, which highlights that the Bixby project has a new development manager, Chung Eui-suk, the former vice president of Samsung Research America. It is speculated that the former head of Bixby, Rhee In-jong, will be devoted to other mobile technologies, although Samsung does not want the change to be seen as a replacement.

Samsung will present the updated version of Bixby at its annual developer conference in San Francisco on October 18th. It will be Bixby 2.0, which we do not know much apart from completing parts that Bixby 1.0 failed due to lack of time. For example, in its development will involve external developers, while in the first version of Bixby could not be due to tight deadlines.

We will be watching to see how Bixby evolves next October 18. To date, Bixby is only available in English and Korean. In August it was said that Bixby in Chinese was 90% ready – not yet released – and Samsung estimated that it would arrive in German for the last quarter. If Chung Eui-suk wants to take his assistant seriously, support for more languages is clearly one of the problems he should tackle as soon as possible.