The regime led by Kim Jong-un also charged against the South Korean government, which he accuses of being a group of “traitors” and “dogs of the United States”

North Korea extended its nuclear threat to Japan and South Korea, which it blamed its “ardent” support for the United States in the search for new sanctions.

The North Korean regime believes it is necessary to ” strike a blow” on the Japanese, who “have not come to reason” or after it launched an intercontinental ballistic missile on the archipelago, whose islands “should be sunk at sea by the nuclear bomb Juché ” a spokesman for the North-East Asia Peace Committee said in a statement released late last night by the KCNA agency .

The North Korean committee also charged the South Korean government , which it accused of being a group of ” traitors ” and “dogs of the United States” by calling for tougher sanctions on its “compatriots.”

” The group of pro-American traitors must be severely punished and liquidated with a fire attack so that they can not survive. Only then, the Korean nation will be able to thrive in a unified territory ,” the regime said.


Pyongyang showed its rejection of the support given by neighboring countries to the new sanctions imposed on Monday by the UN Security Council , which also said he felt “furious”.

The regime led by Kim Jong-un accused the organization of having become a “tool of evil ” that serves the US, and instead of ensuring peace and security, “mercilessly destroys it.”

” The UN Security Council is composed of countries without principles and, consequently, such a useless tool must be dissolved immediately,” according to the KCNA statement.

The UN on Monday approved new sanctions against North Korea aimed at further stifling its economy , in response to its sixth and most powerful nuclear test, executed on 3 September.

According to the latest estimates, the explosion could reach 250 kilotons, twice as much as initially estimated , the US website 38 North reported this week based on the upward revision of the magnitude of the earthquake it generated by the Treaty Organization of Total Prohibition of Nuclear Tests.

This power would be almost 17 times greater than that of the American atomic bomb “Little Boy ” that destroyed the Japanese city of Hiroshima in August of 1945 and is well above the 160 kilotons estimated by the Japanese government.