On mobile devices running the operating system Android found a new virus stealing data from bank cards.

The Svpeng Trojan is distributed under the guise of a Flash player that asks for access rights for people with disabilities. The biggest danger that a malicious program represents is the self-creation of screenshots while using banking applications. After that, the data gets to the scammers.

Kaspersky Lab experts note that it is extremely difficult to combat a virus, since a malicious program blocks any attempts to disable its administrator privileges.

Earlier it became known that experts from Armis Labs found a virus capable of infecting devices via Bluetooth.

The program, called BluBorne can be used for cyber espionage, the introduction of extortion programs and data theft.The detected vulnerabilities are present on all devices with operating systems Android, Linux, Windows and all versions of iOS to the tenth.

Roman Romachev, Director General of Intelligence Technologies Agency “R-Techno”

“Clients in the financial service that we use are very actively gaining momentum on mobile devices, so it’s no surprise that hackers are trying to steal our data on payment systems from mobile platforms. The opinion has crept in that simply “Kaspersky Lab” is now very actively moving to the mobile devices market and it is profitable for them to find viruses that no one has heard or heard about yet. Yes, indeed, such viruses can be theoretically, but I personally did not encounter them, and, I think, so far no one has come across as yet at the level of statements. Whether there will be any invoice, it is not known. As for hackers, they were, are and will attack our mobile devices, attack our personal data, financial data, in order to later steal our money. “

Kaspersky Lab notes that if a smartphone gets infected with this virus, it will be very difficult to remove it. By hitting the device, the program starts blocking any attempts to turn it off.