Twitter, one of the most widespread social networks in the world, is already testing the implementation of bookmarks in its official app for a few users.

You are on Twitter looking at the list of the hilarious cascarillas of the users you follow. And you see one that you like so much that you want to save it. What do you do, apart from saving the link? Quiet, because the social network is already testing the inclusion of bookmarks in its official app.

Bookmarks on Twitter: save what you like


She has been the head of product design of Twitter has advanced in the same social network. As always, this function is only reserved as proof to certain users and very scarce. The “bookmarks” feature will be found in the sidebar of the official Twitter app.

These markers will serve to save those tweets you like and have them for you. And how is this different from the  “likes”? In which the “I like” are public and the markers will be private. Because whenever you press the little heart to a tweet, it appears in your timeline and in your profile.

This resolves a privacy flaw that users had. With the bookmarks, you can save all those tweets that you like privately. The head of products, Tina Koyama, defines it this way:  “We made all the flows designed and chose the ones that are the easiest to navigate to test them with our community”. An option in the corner of the tweet will allow us to save it in favorites.

It is not known when this function will reach all users. But reviewing the story of Twitter a little, we saw that the little hearts prevailed before the favorites. Are markers a real solution?

First favorites, then hearts …


Twitter has been evolving as time has gone by. The controversial decision to increase the number of words per tweet to twice the number has been perhaps the hardest step in recent times. And we see it also in the evolution of the already well-known  “fav”.

A while ago, these “favs” were that:  favorites. I used to keep those tweets and read them later. Now the “likes” have eclipsed them but with the incentive that they are public. And although the markers do not overlap the “favs” … can it be considered a real solution? In my opinion,  yes.

First the favs, then the likes … and now markers?

I consider that “likes” should be private and only notifiable to the person who receives them. Although the markers are not a way to completely fix the loss of the favs, it is a measure that many users have been claiming for a long time. Only time (and users) will decide if this decision is effective.