Clash Royale continues to impress us with every update, all loaded with novel content. After the implantation of Mode 2c2 and the 4 new troops, a new letter has been leaked. For now, this information has not been confirmed by the developers but some time ago we have seen how leaks have been so true.

The latest leaks tell us that in the next update of the Supercell mobile game, Clash Royale, a new card could be attached to those available. According to the new information, it would be a structure of a cost 7 elixir with a great range and a great power of the attack, the health would be below the rest of structures and would last 20 seconds in the ground. It has 700 attack points, this damage would be reduced to 40% for the towers. Due to his low health, the new possible card would be very difficult to defend like the rest of structures, so that little will serve an offensive strategy considering its high cost of elixir.

We still have time to get more information about the new card, we have to know the remaining two of the previous update (a special and a legendary) that will come by means of challenge.

We still have a lot to know about the new content of the next updates, these leaks are usually always right. After the last 2 cards are released, we will know more about this new troop. The 2c2 matches with friends are over and we are waiting for Supercell information on this game mode that has liked the players.