One of the most anticipated Pokémon this year is Mewtwo, and recently came to Pokémon GO. Capturing it is not easy, so the company has considered that Mewtwo is caught more easily , since many users have been very difficult to achieve. If you are interested in learning more about what will change in the capture of Mewtwo, here we will show you all the information.

Capture Mewtwo easily

In Pokémon GO, Mewtwo has put a great complication in catching it for several users , The legendary Mewtwo is making things very difficult for some users of Pokémon GO. But things will be different, according to WWG portal, it is confirmed that Ninatic plans to configure the Mewtwo catch rate in Pokémon GO, making it easier to capture.

An internal file has been found in Pokémon GO, this one warns the increase of the rate of capture of Mewtwo by 6% basically, reason why there will be more possibilities to catch the great Mewtwo Legendario with a simple Pokéball. It should be noted that this will directly affect the support of Premier Ball catch, berries, and others that are causing the difficulty of catching Mewtwo. It should be noted, according to WWG, this small update will make Mewtwo even easier to capture than other bosses like Tyranitar, Charizard, and Venusaur.

Meanwhile, we only have to wait for the modification to be applied to the game , soon we will be able to search Mewtwo as we do with the other Pokémon, and we will be able to add it to our collection without problems. So if it’s one of your favorite Pokémon, you’re in luck, but you have to be aware of Niantic’s publications, because that way we can know everything that happens with the game.