Today it has been announced that Lenovo is firing just over 1,000 employees, where most of its bosses are based in the United States and China. The action “will impact approximately two percent of our nearly 52,000 employees worldwide, ” a company spokesman told The Register.

“While we are making good progress in executing our three-tier strategy and firmly believe that we are on the right track for profitable growth, we are taking this step now to make sure we are as competitive and profitable as we can be, our growth that continues to generate momentum in the market. ”

“Lenovo will continue to make adjustments in all areas of business as part of our ongoing effort to manage costs, drive efficiency and support continuous improvement in our overall financial performance.”

“As we do, we will continue to invest in our growth engines, including our data center and mobile business, and non-hardware businesses such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data”

The three-step strategy is to protect the legacy PC business, re-work on the server segment and the smartphone business, as well as develop new technologies, including cloud-based technologies.


The company’s representative did not disclose where the job cuts would come in terms of divisions, just because it only affects workers in the US. UU. and China. This information comes shortly after Lenovo lost its crown as the largest computer vendor in the industry by hand HP for two consecutive quarters, because it has had difficulty integrating its recent purchases:  the x86 division of IBM and Motorola, for what the company is seeing as since 2016 earnings and profits are falling, and more when they add their latest purchases to the equation.


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