A television that turns into a box, a robotic refrigerator that responds to voice commands and subcutaneous chips worthy of cyborgs. A summary of the most spectacular and striking products of the technological show in Berlin
LG V30 

The LG V30 stands out for having a FullVision OLED panel , which occupies the entire 6-inch display, in a ratio of 18: 9, such as the LG V6.

Another point to keep in mind is that it integrates double rear camera: one with a 16 MP lens and f / 1.6, a focal aperture that no other mobile offers. The second lens has a wide angle of 120 degrees, 13 MP resolution and r / 1.9. Result: excellent shots even when there is little light and great ability to make images with bokeh effect.

Gear IconX 

This new Samsung gadget was one of the stars of IFA . It has a virtual coach, called Running Coach, that offers information about the training session in real time.

In addition, it connects via Bluetooth and has direct access to Bixby, when used in tune with the smartphones that have this assistant: Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8. With just give a voice command, Bixby can give information about the weather, play a song or make a call.

Subcutaneous chips


The product, produced by Digiwell, allows you to open doors, unlock equipment and even pay for products with just one hand movement.

This small device, which is placed under the skin, consists of a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system, which includes antennas to receive and respond to data sent by radio frequency from an RFID transceiver. As passive tags do not require internal power supply.

The chips are also powered by NFC technology, for communication between nearby devices. One sends the signal and the other receives it.

Jedi Challenges

The Jedi Challenges game, released by Lenovo and Disney, consists of a Mirage AR helmet, a saber-shaped controller and an application, compatible with iOS and Android, to configure the different options from the smartphone.

The helmet has a tracking device, which is placed on the floor and serves as a base for the headset sensors. This is how the player’s movement is detected.

The Lightsaber works as a pointer and controller, to navigate through the different options offered by the game.


This is a gadget that is added to the cell phone and handled by an application. Walabot is based on radiofrequency, which allows to identify solid objects through the walls and warns the user, through the app, its position.

This is useful if you want to drill without damaging internal wires or pipes. It is designed for plumbers, gas or anyone who wants to make a repair in your home.

Kirin 970 from Huawei

The small chip integrates a neural processing unit (NPU). It was developed based on ten nanometer technology, and includes 5.5 million transistors in an area of just one square centimeter.

It is powered by an eight-core CPU and a next-generation 12-core GPU. According to the company, compared to a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU configuration, the Kirin 970 is 25 times faster and up to 50 times more efficient in terms of power consumption. This would allow generating fast and powerful smartphones. We will have to see it in action.

Robotic refrigerator

This new Panasonic product responds to voice commands and thanks to its sensors moves around the home overcoming obstacles. It is a kind of robot that can be asked to carry drinks or food from one place to another.