From the rate of metabolism directly depends on whether you will suffer from excess weight, or not.

With age, metabolic processes gradually slow down, due to which you have to more carefully monitor your diet. But do not be discouraged: there are ways to influence the situation.

Eight useful tips for those who want to disperse metabolism and keep a slim figure:

1. Do not forget to drink water

Make sure that you drink your daily water norm – 1.5-2 liters per day. Thanks to water, the stomach works better, and the digestion process itself improves. In addition, the liquid helps maintain the natural balance of moisture in the body, which slows down the aging process.

2. Power loads

Do you envy children and teenagers who can eat cakes and not get better? Just think about the fact that there is probably more physical activity in their life than in yours. and draw the right conclusions. Strength training increases muscle tone, namely, they burn more calories at rest. Do sports three times a week and walk more, and then the pirozhenka will no longer be your number one enemy.

3. Sleeping

When you are over 30, you can not afford to watch midnight favorite show without consequences for the body. He needs a full rest, only this will not produce cortisol (a stress hormone), which slows down the metabolism.

4. Do not load the brain before bedtime.

Experts recommend limiting the use of smartphones, tablets and other devices before bed. The impact of blue light at night can affect glucose metabolism. It is recommended that you stop using gadgets two hours before bedtime.

5. Eat more protein food

A sufficient number of proteins during each meal accelerates metabolism. It’s simple: the digestion of protein foods consumes more calories than digesting carbohydrates or fats. It is enough to consume 30 g of protein for each meal, and your metabolism will double.

6. Coffee and green tea

Caffeine helps to speed up metabolism and promotes faster and better digestion of food. But do not forget that drinking coffee on an empty stomach is not recommended.

7. Do not limit the consumption of calories

To speed up the metabolism, you need to eat every three hours. A balanced diet really helps to improve metabolism and leads to rapid weight loss.

8. Do not forget to have breakfast

Thanks to a balanced breakfast, metabolic processes are started, so ignoring this meal is not recommended at all.