Google wants its app store to be a safe place for its users, and for that it will pay to those who find vulnerabilities in certain applications. The giant has launched a new rewards program that will be completely different from the one currently offered for websites and the operating system, as this time, Google will pay those who find security holes in the most popular third-party Android applications the Play Store . Those curious who find errors should contact the developers to work with them and correct the problem before reporting the failure on the HackerOne rewards platform.

Google promises $ 1,000 awards for those errors that match the criteria of the promotion, but for now will not be enough to find flaws in any of the billions of applications that can be found in the store. To date, the applications that enter the program are Dropbox, Duolingo, Line, Snapchat, Tinder, Alibaba, and HeadSpace. The idea is to be inviting more applications and developers in the future, but they must be willing to solve any vulnerability that is, so you probably will not be able to help that simple and silly application that you have as a favorite.