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For the people who are interested in the topic of the surveys below, I will explain the truth about them and what they need to do, the 7 steps to take to get money with surveys . Finally you will find out if all the fuss that flows on the Internet regarding this work is true or not.

I will clarify how is the reality of the matter, if they work, and what is the right way to earn money through this method.

Do paid surveys really work?

 Although it is said otherwise, this works, it is real and it is feasible to obtain economic benefits, however, it is not easy to obtain them. This is the detail and the wrong concept that everyone has regarding the surveys. It is not easy to make a decent income. You have to dedicate yourself.

As in any order of things in life, this is the correct and incorrect way to operate, because with the surveys it is the same. There is an infallible method of doing the work, that if you use it you will succeed. On the other hand, if you use the wrong way to execute the work, you will not be able to generate anything at all.

The reason why many people say that polls are scams is because they have not done things well. They have not used the correct system. But, that they have not obtained good results does not mean that this is a scam. That’s why you should use the right form if you want to earn money through this activity.

What is the right way to earn money through this activity?

At the end of the day what everyone wants is to know if it is possible to achieve viable profits, if it is worth investing time and knowing if you will be rewarded correctly for your efforts.

Next I expose the right way to operate, the 7 excatos steps to give, to obtain positive results (to make money), answering surveys. 

Step 1: Effective list

 Effective list




Obtain one of the effective lists of real companies which is acquired by paying for a membership (a single payment) that gives indefinite access to the authentic entities dedicated to surveying the consumer. There are two fundamental reasons why the acquisition of this tool is necessary:

  1. a) Volume

 As not much is generated by completing these surveys, in order to gather a decent flow of monthly earnings, you have to enroll in a considerable number of polling companies. This is achieved by acquiring the membership to this database where the names of the entities dedicated to surveying the consumer are kept. You need to work with a lot of companies. A positive number will be around 10+. The lists that float on the Web, usually contain a couple of pollsters only, which is not enough to operate. With so few entities this does not work. You need to make a lot of volume. That is the most important point. Without volume there is no money. Hence the importance of a productive and effective list.

  1. b) Reliable companies

 In addition to the volume, the next point is the reliability of the companies. The person who decides to carry out this task can not register in random organizations because he would be exposing himself to waste time and never receive a commission balance. Nor can it be any listing. The exclusive lists specify which are the best companies that reward for completing surveys. If you decide you can download one of the serious and reliable lists which contain an approximate of 100 business names for Latinos that offer surveys in Spanish and for your country, click here to obtain it .

Nowadays there are companies that claim to provide the opportunity to earn money with surveys, but only cheat people who are looking to make money with this type of occupation. They take advantage of the fact that people need the funds and that is how they manage to defraud them. You should avoid wasting time by answering questionnaires for fake companies with which you would never generate a dime.

The only way to avoid this unpleasant event is to acquire one of the lists in which are found the names of the serious and professional companies that really compensate for responding paid surveys. This way you will have the certainty that you will operate with established and serious companies. It will avoid the loss of time and money.

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Step 2: Create an exclusive email 

Create an exclusive email 




After having access to one of the lists, you have to prepare to receive the surveys. Next you must create an exclusive email to receive the invitations. It is advisable to purchase an e-mail notifier, they are free and can be downloaded online. This way you will receive a sound notification each time a survey is sent.

Step 3: Enroll in absolutely all of these organizations 

Enroll in absolutely all of these organizations 




Believe it or not, there are enough people who do not carry out this important step of enrolling in all of them. Usually they begin to register little by little, but never reach a considerable amount. There is the error. You should review your list and begin the registration one by one. You do not have to leave any entity out. With registration in 1 or 2 companies will not be enough (volume), register in all those provided by your directory and earn money with surveys.



Step 4: Daily data

Daily data

Keep your information updated. Update your profiles every time there are changes in your tastes, activities, etc. Enter from time to time in your control panel with each company and verify that everything is correct. If you keep things updated, then you will always be eligible for new surveys.

Step 5: Speed to respond

Speed to respond

The companies have enough studies to perform, but the quotas are filled quickly. I recommend that you answer as quickly as possible. If you see an invitation in your e-mail, and you spend too many hours before answering, maybe when you decide, the quotas will be complete.

Step 6: Stay active

Stay active

Answer all the invitations sent to your email to participate in surveys. In the beginning you will not receive many and the payments will not be a big deal. But you must answer everything you receive. This is called the testing stage, in which companies want to know if the person is really interested in completing the questionnaires they send them. If you do not answer them because they have sent few, they will think that you do not have much interest in participating and they will no longer send you invitations.

However, if you answer the few that are sent to you at the beginning and remain active for a certain period, you will become part of the elite members. As soon as they find out that you are a serious panelist who really wants to fill out surveys, that is when they will start to get enough surveys to complete. It is important to let them know that you are an active member.

Now, you may wonder how I stay active at the beginning if you do not send me surveys or I receive very few invitations? Well you can do the following:

  • Visit the daily pages of the polling companies to check if there are questionnaires available. There are some entities that instead of sending the questionnaires via email, put them on their pages so that people can check them. • Enter your control panel daily to verify that your profile information is up to date and make changes if necessary. • Contact customer service to let them know that you want to receive a lot of surveys.
  • Check your email every day including the tray of unwanted emails to make sure you have received invitations.

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Step 7: Do not give up (a)

 Do not give up (a)

The most difficult phase is at the beginning. You have to arm yourself with patience and if you do everything indicated in the previous steps, you will start receiving surveys.

This work is very tedious and boring, as it is not entertaining to be responding to surveys, but if we want to make money we have to be persistent and patient. Your efforts will be rewarded. Do not give up.

After having read these 7 steps required to earn money with surveys including the acquisition of this list that I recommend , where you can find links to polling entities, comes the registration process in companies. Enrolling in polling companies so you can start receiving invitations online as soon as possible is quick and easy.

The process of registration in survey companies

The registration process begins by creating an account with each polling company. To create an account with each of the polling entities, simply share your name, email address and gender. Then, take a look and accept the privacy policy and the usual terms and conditions of each company. Look for an invitation that will be sent to the email address with which you signed up. You will have a link inside for you to click and thus finish the short registration process.

This process consists of easy questions that will help match you with the surveys according to your profile. Information such as your birthday, ethnicity, race and zip code, this will help to send you winning opportunities that relate to you.

Once you complete your membership data in the enrollment process, you will be ready for the welcome survey, which will focus exclusively on you. You will be asked to provide a little more information about yourself so that you can be matched with the opportunities that matter most to you. Information such as their education, direction, and occupation will help adapt the recommendations.

This ends the registration process and at this point you are already a panelist member of each of the companies in which you registered. You are ready to start taking paid surveys online and earn money. Most surveys last around 10 to 15 minutes. When you receive each survey you will see immediately how long it will last and how much they will pay you.

Being a panelist member, you can find yourself taking paid online surveys about electronics, medicine, politics, sports, ads, appliances, or even about the cereal you ate at breakfast. Companies value your opinions and pay you to share it.

Important note : before enrolling as a panelist member to earn money with surveys, you must first think carefully about whether online paid surveys are for you.

Who are the paid online surveys for?

My opinion is that this job of doing paid surveys online, should only be done by people who can not create a professional blog because it is extremely difficult for them, those who do not want to learn anything about internet marketing, and have no intention of earning the life in the virtual world.

This is not for a Webmaster (administrator and author of a page). A Webmaster is a person who has taken the trouble to create a professional Web page. People who have created a blog or professional website, are those who want to earn money online after leaving your job from 9 to 5. If you want to earn a salary to replace your current job can not use your time doing activities such as surveys paid, that will only produce extra profits.

With the paid surveys you will be able to generate an extra income only and you will have to invest enough hours per day to complete them. He is not likely to be able to give up his day job.

Now, if you are someone who wants a small cash boost without the commitment that is required of a typical job, this is a task that can be done online if you have plenty of free time.

Conclusion: Paid surveys are effective and it is possible to earn money if the appropriate work system is used (7 steps). These are not for everyone and only earn extra money . However, the most important thing here is that if this is the right job for you, you can work from home and you can get an extra money that will help you in your economy.

So, if this is the type of job you are looking for, I invite you to enroll in the companies that do pay , so you will start earning money with surveys!

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