The Nokia 9 is not a secret terminal. The company is working on a set-up of the Nokia 8 in the same way, approximately, that the OnePlus 5T is of the OnePlus 5.

We knew that the company had chosen a configuration of double cameras for the rear and that in that area would be the fingerprint sensor. The reason is the one that has been usual: in the front, there was no room.

This was so because this model would be the first of the company with a screen ratio of 2: 1 and that would mean that, together with very controlled edges, there would be no space left.

Many images of the Nokia 9 filtered


Until now we had to settle for some renders that suggested, with more or less fidelity, what the terminal would be like. It seems that this is over since a company of covers has not hesitated to upload to its catalog of Amazon UK a new product for the Nokia 9. And instead of uploading only images or designs of the case the company has uploaded images of the terminal taking it. This means that we can contemplate the design of the Nokia 9 in all its glory.

The images confirm that the screen will occupy almost the entire front and that the edges will be very small on the smaller sides and almost invisible on the larger ones.


In the lower area we see how there is no hollow of headphones, and neither in the upper edge, so it seems that it confirms that the cable sound of this model will be used through the USB Type C connector.

There are three small holes: upper, lower and back. Two will be from the microphones and the third may well be from another microphone or from a laser focusing system for the camera, we do not know if it will continue to bet on the monochrome sensor or it will go to telephoto.