Apple has just launched its first iPhone with OLED screen, but it seems that it is evaluating microLED screen technology for future products.

The microLED screens maximize some of the benefits of OLED displays on LCD, offering even greater brightness, color saturation and energy efficiency. In fact, it is expected that this technology will replace OLED in the coming years.

A Digitimes information suggests that Apple has reduced the size of its microLED R & D team in Taiwan and that the company is struggling with some of the practical difficulties of manufacturing the technology. It also suggests that Apple is collaborating with TSMC in an alternative approach to overcome these manufacturing challenges.

Apple has been studying microLED technology for some time and acquired LuxVue, a company specialized in the field, in 2014.

As with OLED, it is likely that the microLED technology reaches the Apple Watch before it does the iPhone. At one point, it was thought that this year’s Watch could use that technology, and a subsequent report indicated that it could happen next year.