Jeff Bezos’s company has registered a patent for autonomous chargers. Drones will increase the reach of electric vehicles. They will also be able to transport fuel.

The courageous solution of the Amazone can solve the problem of short-range electric vehicles. Autonomous and semi-autonomous drones would serve as a power station. According to the company’s idea, if needed, they would land on the roof of the car and supplement the battery or fuel. What’s more, the system would be able to anticipate when the vehicle would need refueling to reach its destination based on weather conditions and road conditions.

Amazon wants drones to deliver fuel and electricity (Photo: Amazon)

When the battery is charged or the battery is charged, the drone will return to the nearest charging station. When he replenishes his supplies, he will be able to handle more vehicles. Unless of course there will be a dock mounted on the roof. We write vehicles because the idea of Amazons assumes that drones will be able to handle not only cars. They are also loaded with airplanes, motors, trains, boats, and … other drones.

Drones are to land on dock-mounted docking stations (Photo: Amazon)

The fashion for electric cars is clearly visible in the statistics. According to research firm Greentech Media, 400,000 electric and hybrid cars were sold in the United States alone between 2010 and 2015. The value of these purchases is estimated at $ 15 billion. According to forecasts, sales of these vehicles are expected to exceed 12 million vehicles a year in the US.

Nowadays, electric car manufacturers have to meet the demand for electricity and the expansion of the network. While in the United States and Western Europe it looks good, in Poland and in the third world, the infrastructure of this type is practically non-existent or residual. And let’s remember that some of the owners of first-generation electric cars will soon want to sell them on the secondary market. For this reason, the solution proposed by Amazon may be an interesting alternative to stationary charging stations.