The ball of hairs became infected in his stomach and caused him a peritonitis that resulted in a fatal collapse

The death of a young British woman who vanished in the middle of the class shocked her colleagues and the doctors who treated the patient, barely 16 years old. The autopsy confirmed that the teenager, described with warm words by all her friends, lost her life by eating her hair .

According to the doctors, Jasmine Beever suffered a peritonitis , infection in the membrane that covers the abdomen and the viscera. No effort was made to revive her in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

However, in seeking the cause of the infection, the coroners found a ball of hair. As told her environment to the portal LicolnshireLive , the girl suffered from trichophagia (also known as Rapunzel syndrome ) for eating her hair. Psychiatry considers the diagnosis as a compulsive psychological disorder. Only a few weeks ago, his grandfather had passed away.

She later said she does not consider her daughter suffering from an illness, but warned: ” This can happen to anyone who sucks their hair .”

In addition, she was also touched by the signs of solidarity. Some local companies donated products to be auctioned, while friends and even strangers contributed money to meet the cost of the funeral.