The young woman was listening to music in her vehicle in Nashville and reacted disproportionately to the request of a person trying to sleep in the same block

Comments on social networks, which condemned the woman’s reaction, took on more force when it became known that in December she had already been arrested for a violent act. According to records, he hit a woman with a glass on her head , in a case still pending resolution. In addition, four years ago, she was arrested for domestic violence after beating another woman, although charges were dismissed.

However, his father, Jesse Quackenbush, a well-known lawyer, countered the police version. According to her version, her daughter acted in self-defense, since the man had verbally harassed her and even threatened her while hitting the car


“I have a gun, get away from me,” is what the singer would have told her, his father said. Therefore, he shot a warning and, seeing that the man did not recoil, shot him in the chest.

However, the detectives reported that Melton was lying down when he was shot. “She is more a victim than Mr. Melton,” his father insisted.


This is undated photo provided by the Metro Nashville Police Department shows Katie Quackenbush. Quackenbush has been charged with attempted murder in the shooting of a homeless man in Nashville last month. News outlets reported Quackenbush was charged Monday night, Sept. 11, 2017, in the Aug. 26 shooting of Gerald Melton near Music Row. (Metro Police Department via AP)

The woman’s lawyer, Peter Striane, considered his client to be frightened by a man bursting into a dark street and even slipping the possibility that he had been drugged. “That’s why he reacted like this,” he said.


Her environment also ensured that the young woman and a friend who was present were immediately brought to justice, but the police department denied the fact. According to the respondents, they only heard from their lawyer a week after the event.

Under the name Katie Layne, the young woman is promoted as a blues and rock & roll singer, and has shared songs on YouTube and iTunes.