6 habits that harm our liver.

The liver is one of the vital organs, the state of which is also very easy to break. “But how do I know if I care enough about my liver?” – you ask. Do not worry, we will tell you about what daily habits negatively affect the health of the liver.How to determine if we care enough about our liver? It happens that, without knowing it, we make small mistakes or lead a way of life harmful to our health. The liver is one of the most vital and at the same time one of the most vulnerable organs: in fact the liver filters toxins, forms bile, regulates the exchange of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals … As you can see, the liver is a very important organ, which is simply necessary how to take care. Would you like to know how to improve liver function?

What can harm our liver?

It’s never too late to find out as much as possible about the details of what harms and what helps our health. The liver is an organ of high significance, it performs vital functions, so the slightest inattention to liver health will lead to negative consequences that you will feel for yourself very soon. With whom did not happen, for example, inflammation of the liver?

If you have suffered from liver diseases for a long time, then first of all you need to develop a diet, because the health of the liver largely depends on our nutrition. One of the most common causes of inflammation of the liver is the accumulation of toxins and toxins in the body.

So, which of our daily habits can adversely affect the health of our liver? What should you remember first of all in order to take care of this delicate body? We will tell you about this in our article.

1. Elevated blood cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is a substance possessing the properties of fats, which is produced in the liver and which our body uses as energy for most of our cells. However, it is important to balance. After all, cholesterol, which is not used by the body, must be removed, because excess cholesterol can lead to serious negative health consequences. For this reason, it all boils down to a number of hepatic diseases, such as, for example, liver steatosis (or fatty hepatosis) – one of the most common diseases, according to WHO (World Health Organization) statistics.

To prevent excess cholesterol in the blood, avoid in your diet the color of meat, foods high in fat, egg yolks, spicy spices. Instead of the listed harmful products include in your diet vegetables, rich in natural dietary fiber, greens, fruits, etc.

2. Late to go to bed and wake up late

Are you surprised? We are sure that yes. Ever since childhood, adults have told us that we need to go to bed early, but with age, most of us abandoned this habit, because the lifestyle changed and I want to get there all the time. In reality, during sleep, our body carries out the process of detoxification, which we mentioned above. For example, our lymphatic system first of all has an effect on the process of detoxification. Approximately from 12 to 2 o’clock in the morning the process of detoxification “starts” the liver. And all these processes proceed in the necessary way only when we are fast asleep. If you regularly violate these natural processes of your body, it can affect your health. So try to establish a convenient daily routine for you and clearly adhere to it, as well as not forget about a long rest,

3. Do not go to the toilet “small” in the morning

Of course, this item will surprise you, too. However, nevertheless with many of us this happens: in the mornings we hurry, we are late and run out of the house in a hurry, thinking of having breakfast or drinking coffee at work and finding a toilet there to finally ease up. Remember: this is a very bad habit. After all, restraining the desire to go to the toilet, you will damage not only the liver, but also the kidneys. Do not ever do that! If you have a desire to go “in a little way,” never postpone it, even if you’re in a hurry: it’s unlikely that 5 minutes will ruin your plans, but to destroy the health of your liver, this will be enough!

4. Do not have breakfast

In the mornings, when we wake up, we have a reduced level of energy reserve, which is formed by glucose. This condition adversely affects the health of our liver, because to perform vital functions it needs a constant source of energy. Nevertheless, many people refrain from breakfast – who because of diets for losing weight (the fatal mistake of many women!), Who because of the lack of time in the morning. So the desire to lose weight or excessive haste can deprive you of an important for the body process – breakfast. If you care about your liver’s health, never miss this important part of our diet, because in the mornings your body is exhausted, and the brain and the liver need extra energy to start the day.

5. Improper eating habits


happened – we hurry, we are late, during the day we do not have enough time to eat normally, or we get too tired after work to cook something. Of course, in this case, the easiest solution is fast food or ready-made convenience foods to quickly satisfy hunger and save time. However, over time your body will feel the consequences of your haste, and then it will be harder to fix everything. As we have already said, the liver is a very delicate and vulnerable organ, which, moreover, is extremely sensitive to malnutrition (excess sodium, high-calorie or sweet food, etc.). Such food can gradually lead to serious health problems: increased blood pressure, cholesterol level in the blood, and the development of a disease called stethosis of the liver (or fatty hepatosis). Violation of the natural functions of the liver in most cases occurs due to malnutrition and excessive consumption of fast food and fats, which destroy our body and cause a serious impact on health. Always remember this!

6. Alcoholic beverages

Of course, for you it will not be news that excessive consumption of alcohol harms our body. Indeed, no product does not cause as much damage to the liver as alcohol. Alcoholic drinks contain intractable substances, they disrupt the natural work of the liver, prevent it from performing vital functions, thereby disrupting the chemical balance in the body and damaging the liver cells. And this can lead to serious consequences, such as, for example, the development of fatty hepatosis, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and other dangerous diseases … According to doctors, one glass of red wine a day is good for our health, but in no case should you abuse alcoholic beverages , because the excess of alcohol in the body can lead to deplorable and irreversible consequences.

So, we told you about what habits are disrupting the work of our liver. Follow the simple tips described in our article to prevent a number of dangerous diseases. Be attentive to your lifestyle and your health, and the liver will thank you!